We bet for the quality, for the continuous improvement of our products and services

Procesos de producción

Manufacturing Processes

Right from the start LeciTrailer has always claimed for quality, continuous improvement of our products and services, customer care and increase in the production capacity at our facilities..

A natural desire to improve together with the penetration in international markets has led us to make continuous investments in R+D+I as well as in production processes with the firm objective of achieving a highly added value customised product. 

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Líneas de producción

Production Lines

Automated production lines and highly qualified staff. The perfect combination.

By implementing last-generation technological resources we can innovate continuously in order to offer practical solutions.

LeciTrailer's workforce is made up of highly qualified professionals who are permanently adapting to new technologies and following constant training schemes.

Investment in R&D&I

Reinvesting the company's profits in order to make significant investments in research..

An example of this is the implementation of a vibration and impacts rigs, unique in Spain, to carry out tests and to make prototypes endure extreme operating conditions before they are manufactured in line.

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Quality Controls

Exhaustive testing. The highest quality control.

All vehicles at LeciTrailer are subject to thorough quality control throughout the manufacturing process, from the moment they enter the production line to the point of final delivery to our customers.

This is the only way to guarantee an extremely secure vehicle with the highest quality standards. 

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ISO 9001